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Deep Vision 3D

How to make your own 3D Stereo Pictures

3D is easy! Find an old stereo camera or use identical cameras side by side or even a single camera by first taking one shot and then sliding the camera 2.5 inches to the right, advancing the film and taking the second shot. Use a platform on a tripod. Keep the camera(s) horizontal.

Develop the the film and scan the shots into a file. Use any image format such as GIF or TIF. Keep the images equal in size and be sure to label which image is right and left.

Left Image Left Right Image Right

Color the left image cyan ( blue/green ) and the right image red. We use PHOTOLAB to color and combine the images. It is an excellent shareware program. Get a copy from us FREE and we'll throw in more specific details and even some 3D glasses!

Real 3D Image

RED lens over your right eye . . . Zowie!

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