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Do-It-Yourself. . . 3D TV that really works!

How You Can Do It:
Television and motion pictures consist of a continuous stream of still frame pictures. Each frame is presented so fast that we can't notice any change. The phenomenon is known as persistence of vision. If there is any motion in the scene such as a wild car chase or similar action or movement, there will be a very perceptable difference between adjacent frames. If the movement in the frame just happens to be exactly equal to the spacing of our eyes (see WHAT IS 3D? ) , and in the right direction, we will see a true stereoscopic view of the scene. Less movement is less spectacular. In fact, the effect totally vanishes when there is no motion.

All you need is a pair of Deep Vision 3D Glasses to trick your eyes into seeing two frames at once!

But How Does It Work?
This clever trick exploits the difference between how we see during the day verses how we see at night. The visual sensors within our eyes are called rods and cones. The rods work best for daylight and the cones work best at night. Here's the trick; the rods take longer to respond to a night time stimulus, which creates a delay ( as in milliseconds ) to the brain. The 3D glasses delay the arrival time of an image to one eye just long enough for the next image to appear to the other. Our brain dutifully combines the different frames into a single image which will appear real. The secret is the color. The red lens converts the right eye to night vision ( the cones ) while the cyan lens insure the the left eye is maintained as day vision ( the rods ). There is a tiny loss of color. But this tradeoff is much less fatiguing over time than simply putting a dark filter over one eye as some experimenters have tried doing.

See the disclaimer if you decide to try our 3D TV trick with anything but genuine Deep Vision 3D glasses . Why risk major eye strain when you can get them free?



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